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Pharmacy is not what it was. Big corp has gobbled up so much, and now hoards all the resources. Profits and greed drive most business decisions in the profession. The result is burnt-out professionals trying to survive while the rest of the public is oblivious to the highway robbery of their paychecks and insurance premiums. 


We know better. We want the world to know, too. 


Our mission is to bring national attention to corporations’ unsafe, unethical, and greedy business decisions that are bleeding the profession and nation dry.  Our advocacy efforts will include partnering with the national and state pharmacy associations, recruiting support, engaging boards of pharmacy and legislators, and collaborating with corporations. 

Bled Tanoe, Pharm D
VP of Advocacy

Dr. Bled Tanoe, garnered national media attention when she used her voice to shine the light on the poor working conditions in retail pharmacies. The campaign #PizzaIsNotWorking addresses the mental, physical, and social impact that those conditions have on pharmacists and technicians, which ultimately create a threat to patient safety.

Dr. Bled Tanoe in the News!

Check out recent interviews and articles featuring Bled and her efforts.

9/28/23 - CBS Money Watch

10/26/23 - USA TODAY

Pharmacy Counter
Harmacy Movie


Check out and support a documentary in progress called HARMACY, which aims to expose the toxic impacts on pharmacy--while reshaping America's perception of it. The film will showcase the invaluable role pharmacists and techs play, the impossible work conditions of chain pharmacies, the threat to independent pharmacies, the insidious role of PBMs behind all those things, and the hope and innovation that lies ahead for pharmacy professionals and consumers. Learn more and be part of the change!

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