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Rx Savings Card

in partnership with SimpleBridgeRx

About the RPhAlly Rx Savings Card

in partnership with SimpleBridgeRx

Are you tired of seeing patients struggle to afford their prescriptions while cash cards and coupons eat into your profits? We have a game-changing solution for you. Introducing our innovative discount card, designed exclusively for the pharmacy profession.

RPhAlly Rx Savings Card

Unlike typical discount cards, our card is designed to meet your pharmacy’s specific needs. We recognize the challenges pharmacies face, especially smaller independent establishments that may struggle with processing fees from many cash card programs.  To address this, we’ve developed a system that supports your pharmacy and ensures the satisfaction of price-sensitive customers without negatively impacting your profits.

When patients ask for a discount card or coupon, choose the card that will give back to the pharmacy profession, not take more from it!

  • How is this Rx Savings Card different?
    This card has lower admin fees, no processing fees, or end-of-year clawbacks like "other" cards. All profits go towards supporting the profession.
  • What will you use the funds for?
    Our admin fees will go to building out the advocacy and peer support programs and the platform expenses.
  • How does this support the pharmacy profession?
    Our mission is to support pharmacy in any way we can. Right now, we want to give Dr. Dr. Bled Tanoe a platform and a megaphone to continue fighting for colleagues with #pizzaisnotworking. There is also a great need for peer support for our colleagues going through tough times with SUDs and ethical dilemmas. Dr. Eric Speck is building out his program to help those in need. Help us help others. Use this card to help do GOOD in the profession!
  • Do we have a price-lookup tool?
    Not yet, but with the success of the discount card, we will soon be able to build one.
  • What if I am having an issue with the card?
    If you are running into an issue please call 866-809-9382.
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